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Beverly Wilson is the author of novels commonly referred to as  AdultChildren'sBooks. She writes light-hearted comedies about a family she's created from real-life experiences. The personalities of some of the books characters are a combination of people she has actually had the pleasure of  meeting and were her inspiration for writing these books that keep her readers laughing out loud. She has completed five  in her Marcy & Darcy Series: Mischief Murder &MishapsA Propensity for Mischief,  A Triple Dose of Mischief,  Mama Mia's Minding the Mischief and  Muddling Through the Mischief. Her sixth book A Shocking Tale of Mischief  will be available in March 2019. She lives in Missouri City, Texas, with her husband, Michael, Four Shih-Tzu's and a Golden Retriever. 

 Please note: The books should be read in sequence starting in the order they appear.

Featured Author: Beverly Wilson