Book Three

A Triple Dose of Mischief

At the end of "A Propensity for Mischief" readers presumed twins Marcy and Darcy Brunner King, along with their Great Grandmother, Bertha Bixby, were killed when the schooner they were sailing to the Canary Islands exploded. Now, the trio is back and continuing their botched but hilarious antics as Private Detectives.

564 Pages

Book Four

A Propensity for Mischief

A whole new avenue of adventure opened up for twins Marcy & Darcy Brunner when they fled New York with their Aunt Hildy. Get ready for a triple dose of laughter because Beauregard King the Third, an oil tycoon living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has just discovered he's the twin's father. His parents are also living and so is his mischievous Grandmother. She, along with the twins and a talking parrot are a hilarious combination. Their antics are non-stop throughout the book.

602 Pages

Book One

      Book Two

Mama Mia's Minding the Mischief 

The mischief goes from bad to worse when ​Darcy

 Brunner King marries Detective Wayne

Patterson  and her sister Marcy weds his brother Wyatt, who are almost twice their age. The

 funnies escalate when the twins meet their

 interfering, Italian mother-in-law, Mia Patterson. 

The girls keep her and their husbands in 

constant turmoil as their private detective shenanigans continue  to interfere

with the Tulsa Police Department's criminal


​511 Pages

Books need to be read in sequence.

Mischief, MURDER & Mishaps

This Four Part Light Hearted Who Done it Mystery is about a retired seamstress, Hildy Brunner, who is  living in New York City, and spending her golden years as a matchmaker. She lives with her dim-witted twin nieces, Marcy & Darcy Brunner.  All of a sudden her clients are turning up murdered, so she is forced to flee New York with the twins. As they head down the East Coast, it's one comical mishap after the other. Hildy has a deep dark secret and as the story unfolds, so does the mystery behind this secret.

656 Pages